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Whether you need fresh content or other SEO expertise, Altschul Consultants is your best choice. We help you by putting together the best possible content that will secure your success with both public and online business ideas.

There is little doubt that coming out on top of the search engines list, drawing in that ever so important user traffic and getting the audience to engage is much more complicated than it used to be only a decade back. In days gone by, the common SEO tactics relied on was building simple links and using central keywords. Unfortunately with today’s constant changes to search engine algorithms a more comprehensive approach is needed

Today not only does SEO need to contain those intelligently targeted keywords, a clear information structure and a certain amount of technical optimization, it also needs to include a one of a kind and well planned content along with the essential engaging social media connection.

At Altschul Consultants we firmly believe that the investment in appealing content, translation and SEO should be a well-considered, forward aimed investment. Not only for the benefit of your website, but certainly also for your business and your brand as a whole. We will  do everything in our power to make sure, that you will receive a creative and well targeted product that is certain to beckon the interest of your potential clients.

Altschul Consultants – Your Scandinavia Specialist

Do you have a business idea that you would like to succeed on the Scandinavian market but lack the facts on the ground, the localized knowledge or the language, then let us help you!

At Altschul Consultants we offer you extensive services in content writing, translation, SEO and other marketing, targeted especially at the Scandinavian market. Let us help you through the planning process, building up the best possible result that will no doubt secure your success in Scandinavia. We offer services in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and of course English.

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Altschul Consultants - Our main area is the Scandinavian language area, with an expert team focused on Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Our other emphasis is on the English-speaking world with particular focus on the North American and Australasian areas.